Has anyone else have an issue with hiring someone to do their site?

I have already spent money and time on trying to hire reliable people to do my site. I am trying to start an ecommerce business while I am unemployed. I would like to continue my business when I find a full time job. It's been almost a whole year and few months where I have not been able to get a proper site done. I have the basic skills to create a site and tried myself but just did not have the time to sit and to continue so I decided to try to find help, thinking it would get done faster. I first found someone on Fiverr who basically took my money and created a crap site where a customer won't be able to purchase anything since nothing works. They then told me in order to get it fixed, I would have to pay them more money. I said no, forget it. I just left them a bad review on the platform and then removed my account. Then they went on my social media account for my business and wrote a message saying they were sorry and would like to finish my site. I just ignored them because I felt they were just doing that because I gave them the bad review. Also before I accepted their offer they told me they can do what I had asked them to do and was clear as can be on what I am expecting.

This second person I just hired about two weeks ago from Reddit first started out nice and trying to do some of the work. Then one day messaged me saying they did three hours of work and would like to get paid half of the money even though I already gave them some of the money to start out. Then afterwards they had constantly bug me for more money so eventually after I saw some more work, I paid them the rest. They said that I have their word that they will finish the work. So now I have asked them to do the edits on the template they have used. I already showed sample sites as to how I would like my site to look like. They then said afterwards that the money I gave them was not enough since their currency was weak and the dollar is currently strong. They continue until today keep begging for some more money after I have continuously told them no. I told them that I don't have more money since I am currently unemployed, still job hunting, and am not collecting money from the government for unemployment. I am not being cheap, I just can't give what I don't have. My whole business, I have literally been using whatever I have saved from my last job, the two rounds of checks from the government that we got, and some help from my mom. My dad has his own business too but has had people not really doing the work he pays them to do when he pays them to do it. They just took the money without delivering much.

My site is still the same and I am not even sure what the hell they are doing that every time I have asked for the code since yesterday, they come up with an excuse not to give me it. I don't know if it's me, if I just have bad luck, or maybe had poor judgement with hiring someone. I am just already stressed and tired as well as slightly upset that there are people out there that think it's ok to try to take advantage of people.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had an issue with hiring someone to create their site and what did you do. I am thinking for now on, I will just do stuff myself.

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