I’m Launching a new shopping platform – Looking for some help!

I’m launching a new innovative shopping platform that helps shoppers combine their buying power together to order directly from the manufacture as a group. I am looking for a few people to partner with who can put product deals together with manufacturers. I can guarantee a manufacturer that if they use our platform to sell their products, we will sell a minimum number of units.

Our members pre-order products, when the minimum order quantity is reached by the manufacturer, we charge our members cards and then ship the product to the customers once it reaches our fulfillment center.

I have been working on getting the platform developed but don’t have time to source the products that are going to be on the website. I know where to find the products, I just don’t have time to contact the manufacturer and negotiate pricing with them. That’s where you would come in. I’m looking for a few people who would be willing to work for equity in the beginning and then salary later on.

If you have a background in product sourcing, working with manufacturers and supply chain management, I would love to hear from you. Please DM me or write to me in the comments!

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