Pick/pack process in ShipStation

Hello! I am looking for information about how scalable ShipStation is, and how to best utilize the pick/pack process.

Currently, we are shipping around 1,100 orders/month. Most of these orders are ecommerce webstore orders, but some are wholesale orders for our retailers, and private label product for other customers. I also manage two other ShipStation accounts for companies we dropship/produce product for, totaling around 300 orders/month. By the end of 2021, we expect to be shipping around 1,800-2,000 orders/month.

I am having issues with producing quality pick lists in ShipStation. Many of our ecommerce orders are bundles, or subscription orders with varying frequencies, and there is no way for ShipStation to breakdown these bundles by individual SKU. Subscription orders show as separate line items at different frequencies (same SKU number) and there is no way to consolidate them. This creates confusion during pick process and is definitely not scalable.

Is there a way that I can export batch information in ShipStation into a program that will reroute the items into a concise picklist? Has anybody had this issue or created a software/program to address this issue? I'm not sure where I would go to look for more information on this.

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