Website not converting, Need advice

A few months ago I started my first e-commerce business where I sell customized sneakers, and since then I have been working on growing my following on Instagram and trying to get more customers.

I tried Facebook Ads but my account got restricted from advertising for no reason whatsoever, so I thought about giving Snapchat Ads a try to see if I could get the number of orders up. After a few days of running ads, I found out that my website is really bad at converting. If you could give me some tips for improving it, it would really help me a lot.

Here's a few statistics:

Snapchat Ads:

  • Amount spent: 52.78$
  • Paid impressions: 41259
  • Swipe ups: 429
  • eCPSU: 0.12$

Website Conversion Rate: 0.33%

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