Could you give feedback for my website? People add things to the cart then leave it.

Hello, I was wondering if you could give me feedback of my website:

I seel prints inspired by watches. They aren't super cheap but they are high quality. Because of the price I know convertion greats won't be amazing, but I've been running this ad campaing for 5 days on Google Ads, people add the items to their cart, yet no one actually completes the checkout. This is weird because I normally don't run ads or promotions, and I have a current promotion of 10%off, yet it seems as if I was selling more the previous week.

I have Mailchimp free version and if you leave your cart I send an email an hour later, but no luck so far.

The google ads campaing points customers to this page:

Do you guys have any feedback? The bounce rate has been high, but I'm more concerned about people abandoning their carts. I've had 42 people add to their cart through google ads, and zero sales from that. Fortunately I've had sales from other channels but I'm starting to worry there's something wrong with the checkout page or the website in general.

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