I’m set to launch my e-commerce business/website I a couple months. Is it worth switching from Wix to Shopify or WordPress?

Like the title says, I will be launching a website in a couple months. In college, I used Wix fairly often for courses so I was familiar with their platform.

I decided to use them to build a website and I honestly think it looks pretty good.

However, I have been reading about various issues of their platform such as minimal support, not being set up well for SEO, etc. SEO functionality is very important to me but I’ve heard mixed reviews about Wix improving in that area.

Basically I’m looking for any advice or for anyone to talk me into or out of switching.

I’ve heard good things about both Shopify and WordPress/Woocommerce. I could pay someone to convert my website for a reasonable amount I just want to know if it is worth the hassle or if it only a marginal difference.

Thank you. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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