Potential solution to the dropshipping business

Hey guys, i started off as a dropshipper and myself experienced some pain points working with chinese suppliers. But I still think there’s big chance you can find great products and price made in China with great service. I’m thinking to offer services to solve some of the problems when dropshipping from China. Let me know if this sounds interesting?

Products – Source products that fit into your product category and currently sells only in Chinese domestic market / or has few sellers on Amazon/ AliExpress. Especially customized stuff.

Branding – Help you print out your label sticker and pack your stuff with your label on it. No MOQ required.Design the packaging if needed.

Shipping – centralized shipping with a quicker trackable shipping option, i.e. if your customer orders different stuff, I can help pack them together and ship it all out at once to your customer.

Price negotiation, photo shooting, product sample etc.

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