Shopify or Webflow from a design and cost perspective.

Hello all,

Apologies for what must be the millionth platform comparison question, I have searched the sub thoroughly but cannot find an answer to my specific question, and I'm a newbie to the e-commerce world. I feel like all these sites are NOT clear or upfront about their costs, or maybe I'm just dumb.

This is what I understand so far (I am based in the UK and will be selling UK only):

Webflow Standard:

Platform Cost: $29/month if paid annually, $42/month if monthly

Platform Transaction Fee: 2%

Third-party costs: Stripe (Non Eurpeon Cards) /Paypal 2.9% + 20p/30p

Shopify Basic:

Platform Cost: $29/month (not sure if this is based on paid annually as well, Webflow hid this information until payment)

Platform Transaction Fee: 2.2% + 20p.

Third-party costs: No need to use with Shopify Payments?

So from this, it looks like Shopify could be 2.7% cheaper per transaction which seems significant enough to consider if all my information is correct?

However, my second issue is the lack of customization on Shopify's site, based on the quick look around I had on the free trial. I am a graphic designer and building a nice looking, custom-designed site with Webflow appeals to me so much more than using a basic Shopify template. Obviously from a branding perspective, it's important, but also the audience I'm selling to (fellow designers) would also respond well to a nicely designed site. At first glance, Shopify just cannot compete on the design side of things, not without bringing in a developer, but maybe I just haven't played around enough?

So my two questions are; are my fees above correct and accurate? Does Shopify offer sufficient design customisation (without knowing code)?

Thanks so much!

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