All the products that I dropshipped (via AliExpress) that ended up becoming “winners”

Disclaimer: These are all the products I promoted from 2017 to the end of 2019. I know this subreddit doesn't like dollar figures, so I'll simply list the products from most successful to least successful (with the least successful still being very profitable). I also no longer dropship from China so you guys can feel free to "steal" these products, I don't care what you decide to do either way.

PURPOSE OF THIS POST: I don't have any course or website to promote. I'm honestly just writing this cuz I'm riding off the high of having another new US-based brand that's starting to take off. I also get A LOT of DMs and chat requests from noobies asking what products they should promote. I don't have time to respond to each and every one so I'm hoping this post can serve as a sort of go-to guide for those who hit me up asking for "winning" products.

In terms of format, I'll just be listing the products and giving a reason why I think it was successful and the cons of selling it. I'll also try to add an example of a US-based store selling similar products (if applicable) so you can see how they branded themselves or what they've done to successfully transition from dropshipping (or how they simply started out with US-based fulfillment from the get-go). KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE ALL MY OPINIONS, I could be totally wrong about everything. I'm just going off my own data from what I've seen in all the comments/emails I've received and the ad data I have in my ad accounts.

(Also, please disregard the weird quote and code blocks I'll be using, I'm not too good with using Reddit so this is the only way I can make it easy to read/digest the info.)

Product #1: Handgun Magnets

Yes, you read that right. I sold handgun magnets. What's a handgun magnet? It's a magnet that holds your handgun, dummy! No but seriously, it's literally just a magnet that's been marketed towards gun owners.

This was actually the first successful product that I promoted, and once again, I don't want to list specific numbers, but lets just say I made enough that there were 2 commas in my Shopify dashboard after 2 months of promoting it.

Why was it successful?

Honestly, if I had to single out one reason for success, it would be… luck. Well, timing and luck. I'm not even gonna bullshit you and recite an idiom about how success is when opportunity meets preparation or something like that. Because I wasn't prepared at all. I was testing a buncha different products and this one was just seemed to hit.

But if I were to dig deep and look at all the data I have, I think the reason why it sold so well was because I promoted this at the beginning of the holiday season in 2017. Now, keep in mind, almost ANYTHING that was marketed towards right-wingers at around this time would print money. People were riding off the high of Trump's victory and right-wing products were being bought up in droves. So it was no wonder why this product was such a hit during the holidays after Trump was inaugurated (earlier in the year). My customers were literally buying MULTIPLES of these gun magnets (remember, although there's a crap ton of guns in the US, the majority of them are owned by a certain segment of the population), and that drove up my AOV like crazy.

The cons of selling this product:

First and foremost, this will be the same con across all these products: It was being shipped out of China. The shipping just took WAY too long and that killed any repeat business I could have gotten.

But here are some of the other things:

  • Bad quality: It was a magnet covered in a plastic coating that scraped the crap out of customer's guns, and over time, the plastic coating would eventually break off leaving just the magnet
  • Insufferable customers: I have no particular political affiliation but GOOD GOD there are so many Karens in the right-wing market.
  • Advertising difficulties: Facebook is a nightmare to deal with when promoting products that are remotely related to politics. I can't count the amount of times my ads got disapproved/disabled or even the amount of times I got my account banned. Of course, I was able to overturn all this simply by contacting FB support, but selling political products (especially accessories for WEAPONS) is tough as hell on Facebook.

Examples of stores selling similar products:

(Not sure if linking is allowed so I'll just type the name of the store, if you can't Google it then that's on you.)

  • Go-Magnets

Product #2: Backflow Incense Burner

Okay, this product is actually super freaking cool. I'm sure many of you saw it before and I'm sure many of you tried testing this product also. If you made bank, then welcome to the club! I started running this in early 2019, and it was a HUGE hit. And this was actually a product that I personally liked too. In fact, I bought like 20 different backflow incense burners lol.

But one thing I want y'all to notice or at least look at is the "viral" factor of products. I'm sure you guys saw the Unilad video circulating on FB during this time. It got CRAZY high engagement. Not only was the actual product very "zen", but even the video of someone using it had a very cool/calming effect. It was in that oddly satisfying category.

Why was it successful?

Well, it's just a cool product. Everyone knows about incense sticks and what not. But very little people saw incense that would flow DOWNWARD. It's like a waterfall of incense, what's not cool about that?

But, like I mentioned, even the videos of the product had a very calming effect. So with social media being such a big thing in people's lives, of course they'd want a product like this that they could then record and show to their followers/friends/family. It's got an aspect to it where you just want to SHARE it. And people did share it… so much so that the organic views I got on my ads were almost 40% of the entire view count. Crazy shit.

The cons of selling this product:

Thankfully, this product didn't get as much pushback for having slow shipping since incense-type products originate in Asia, so people were somewhat understanding of the long shipping times… however, this product did have it's fair share of issues:

  • Supply issues up the butthole: So I'm not sure how legit this is, but all of the suppliers I worked with told me that although the product was mostly created by machines, they had to have people hand paint the burners at the final step, and that was a HUGE bottleneck considering how I, along with other top dropshippers, were pushing mad volume after we all realized that this was the new hotness. Initially, people were okay with the long shipping times, but then when the 3 weeks of shipping turned into 4 weeks, then 5 weeks, then 6 weeks, and up to 8 weeks, that's when things started to go south.
  • DAMAGED DURING TRANSIT: Due to the nature of ceramics and how bad carriers are at handling packages, this was just a recipe for disaster. Of all the products that actually arrived, a good chunk of them were broken. Of course, being the savvy businessman, I simply shipped out another one for no extra charge, but then when that one arrived (months later) BROKEN, there reallywasn't much we dropshippers could do other than refund them and eat all those costs.
  • The incense is HORRIBLE: Well, the cheap Chinese incense is horrible. It's also mixed with a bunch of nasty shit so I didn't feel comfortable scaling any further with this (and of course the supply issues lol). I did find some US-based suppliers of incense (Wildberry) that have AMAZING quality incense, but I never got around to really trying to make this into a brand since incense is just as bad for your lungs as cigarettes are (if you don't circulate your air properly). So I just didn't feel comfortable selling products like that and dipped as soon as I could.

Examples of stores selling similar products:

There's a ton of these stores out there so not sure which examples to use. I know Incense Flow ships from the US but not sure if they're still running this brand as I haven't seen any updates from them.

Also, I know a lot of people say buying in bulk and shipping to the US is cheaper in the long term, but not in this case. Even with volume discounts, the price of importing these into the US would double the cost of the product and that's excluding any of the fulfillment you'd need to pay for if you were using a 3PL. This was of course back in 2019 so things might be different now, so do your own due diligence.

Product #3: Dinosaur Car Toy

I'm not gonna spend too much time talking about this because I'm STILL scratching my head on why this product was a success. It's absolutely garbage and it's not really that interesting.

Why it might have been successful ?????????

Honestly, all I can say at this point is it's probably because it's a toy that just rolls around on its own and transforms every now and then. Oh yeah, it blasts this annoying music that you can't turn off either. You literally can't control it, and the toy just moves by itself. Maybe parents who want to neglect their children thought this would be a good distraction???

The cons of selling this product:

TBH, there's just nothing good about this product. Most of what I mentioned regarding the cons of selling the other products can apply here. Supply issues, damaged during transit, bad quality, etc. But it made me bank lol. I feel bad for selling it but I was basically in a gambling mindset during this time (Q3 of 2019) and I was just running whatever product without regards to quality.

Examples of stores selling similar products:

I don't think you need examples for this. Like I said, the product is trash. And if you sell this, you should be ashamed of yourself like how I was ashamed of myself for doing so lol.

Product #4: UFO Toy

Now this one is cool. It's similar to the dinosaur toy in that the quality is pretty garbage, but the toy itself is really cool and works as advertised. I actually bought one for myself. I tried to get my dog to play with it but he's a little scaredy cat (or dog in this case) and he'd just run away lol. I also sold this around the same time as the dinosaur toy.

Why was it successful?

I mean, just look at it. It "hovers" in the air and uses sensors to moves. It's a great toy for families to play around with. I was honestly shocked by how well it worked. We dropshippers also went heavily on the angle that it gets your kids off electronic devices and gets them to exercise (yeah right) lol. I guess that really resonated with our market (parents and grandparents).

The cons of selling this product:

  • Quality of the product: Although the function is really cool, the product itself uses a very lightweight plastic. On top of this, it's shipped in a very flimsy box (it's literally just like a slightly thicker cardboard paper box… well, that's what it felt like to me). So almost like 1/4 of the products shipped out were delivered damage. Ruh-roh. An easy way to circumvent this is to ship it in bulk since when you have the boxes lined up, there's some physics magic that goes into play (as you can see, I'm not too up-to-date on modern science) and it makes the boxes a lot more sturdier, something about numbers like ants who bunch up to create an ant-raft. But when a single box is shipped out, that shit gets destroyed.
  • Takes 30+ minutes to charge to play with it for 5 – 10 minutes lol: Got a lot of complaints regarding this lmao.
  • Legal stuff with kid toys: Now, I'm not a lawyer, but I do know that there's stricter laws regarding kid products as opposed to basically most other products. I'm glad I didn't get sued or anything but I could easily see lawsuits popping up for products like this. There was an older "version" of this product that was simply a ball with a helicopter rotary thingy at the top, and some people reported that those toys would "explode" LMAO. So yeah, I didn't try pushing this product too hard.

Examples of stores selling similar products:

Unfortunately, I don't know of any US-based stores selling this. I know Amazon has it. But unless you can come up with a much safer and more durable version, I don't think you should try selling this at all.

Product #5: Magnetic Building Blocks

Once again, this is another product I sold around the same time as the other toys. I was heavily in the kid toy market at this time and once again, I'm relieved I didn't get in trouble for any of these.

Why was it successful?

I mean it's basically a similar concept as Legos. It promotes creativity and imagination, and has almost unlimited possibilities in what you can build. Parents LOVE products like this.

The cons of selling this product:

  • Tiny size: No matter how small you think these magnetic building blocks pieces are, they're probably smaller than that lol. So we got so many complaints regarding how small the product was compared to how it was displayed. Even with comparison photos on our website, it just doesn't really get the point across until you actually received it.
  • Weak magnets: Due to the tiny size, the manufacturers could only put in tiny, weak magnets. So making anything bigger than a structure that's taller than 3 blocks would come crumbling down.
  • CHOKING HAZARD: I mean, just look at the previous "con". The tiny magnets are stored on the sides of the block pieces (which are made of weak plastic), so it's basically lawsuit city.

Examples of stores selling similar products:

The only store that I know that sells a DECENT version of this is Magna-Tiles. I actually didn't find them through my research (I barely did any research to begin with). The only reason I found out about them was all the parents who were leaving negative comments on my ads saying these are cheap Magna-Tiles rip offs lol. Magna-Tiles are expensive as hell though, so I think that's why the ones I was offering (although they were basically MINI-sized) did so well.

Product #6: Enchanted Rose

I'm sure you're all familiar with this. Another variation of this is the "Galaxy Rose" that's basically the rose by itself (without the glass casing) and has that like see-through plastic as the petals. I never sold the Galaxy Roses so I can't say much on those, but I know they made a lot of people a lot of money too.

Why was it successful?

Not much needs to be said here. It's just a cool looking product that women love. I advertised this in early 2019 like a few weeks before Valentine's. So yeah, I think you can put 2 and 2 together. It dipped hard after Valentine's, but it always picked up again every holiday following that. So this is a "seasonal" type product that you could probably still bank off of… but, of course, read the cons before doing so lol.

The cons of selling this product:

  • Glass: Any time glass is involved, it's a risky product to sell. Especially when it's coming from China lmfao. China also seems to use really cheap styrofoam, so you'll be lucky if 75% of your products arrive in good condition. Of course, similar to the UFO toys, if you buy in bulk that'll be less of an issue, and shipping from the US should hopefully also reduce the amount of breakage.
  • Cheap quality materials: The glass dome and the wood base are actually surprisingly good quality (so are the fairy lights), but the rose itself is just plastic. Any website that claims it's 24k gold or some shit is bullshitting unless the price is in the hundreds. That said, I didn't get too many complaints regarding the quality since this is more of a cosmetic/visual product rather than a functional one.
  • Assembly required: The fairy lights do NOT come pre positioned, so customers have to do it themselves. I got a lot of complaints, some even threatening to call their lawyers (lmao) cuz it didn't come ready right out of the box. Keep in mind, these are the dudes that ordered their partner's gifts at the last minute lmao.
  • Bad rap: Well, this could technically apply to all the products in this list. But some of the big players in this space has left a bad taste in people's mouths because of how all the BS they pulled. I tried running this product again throughout mid and late 2019, and I was met with nothing but anger and criticism. I mean, there were still sales coming in of course, but the vitriol I received was crazy, even though I wasn't the one who shafted them. Although you may think that's okay cuz sales were still coming in, keep in mind that people can (and probably will) report your ads and thus negatively impact your ad account's performance.

Examples of stores selling similar products:

The big one here is Dose of Roses. Their branding is on point. I did some research on them and the co-founders also worked with Fashion Nova in the past so they obviously know what they're doing. The problem is, this is the big player I was talking about that pulled some BS that caused a lot of people to hate these products lol. Just check out their BBB profile and you'll see what I mean. But disregard all of that and just look at their branding and what approach they took to advertising. They're obviously very good at that, so if you can emulate what they've done (preferably in a different niche) and have good business practices, you'll probably make a killing.


Okay, so hopefully this post was somewhat helpful to you guys. And if this sparked an idea in at least one of you, then my job here is done.

I know there's a lot of discussions about whether Chinese dropshipping is viable or not, but I don't have much to say on that since I'm completely out of the game now and only sell US-based products. So please don't ask me what I think about dropshipping, I'm not the right person to ask anymore.

Anyway, if you have any questions regarding these products or how I found these products, feel free to ask away and I'll answer to the best of my abilities.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


  1. Handgun magnets
  2. Backflow incense burners
  3. Dinosaur car toy
  4. UFO toy
  5. Magnetic building blocks
  6. Enchanted roses

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