DIM weighting workarounds?

Hey Everyone,

I'm launching a e-commerce store with two SKU's. My products are light but when calculating DIM weighting its another story.. I can probably get away with a 12"x12"x12" box, maybe slightly smaller.

I've noticed USPS calculates DIM for packages over 1CF which is great, but I don't believe UPS or Fed Ex does. Another problem, many of the 3PL's I've priced charge the greater of dimensional weighting or actual weight for all package sizes. If there's a 3PL that doesn't, please let me know.

My question is what are some workarounds? Ive been looking into poly mailers and seems like the perfect solution. The packaging is much lighter compared to boxes. Does anyone know if polymailer are subject to DIM weight? My products are NOT fragile so the protection a box offers has no value to me.

I understand the concern customers may have with plastic and saving the environment, but Im seeing eco friendly options. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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