Running an online business using an US bank account despite living in another country – Will all be okay?

I live in a country where Stripe (online payment gateway so that you can receive money from customers) is not available and it is a very important thing to have in a website selling products/services since a lot of people prefer using their credit/debit card over PayPal. My dad lives in the US, i asked him to make a new Bank of America account under his name so that i can use it for my store. Basically, the money will go to the account that is under his name but i will work my way around into sending it to my own personal bank account (either through wire transfer or paypal or whatever). Even though the account is legally his, we agreed that he will not take control of it or anything.

What i wanna know is : Can the bank account be permanently locked/shut down for suspicious behavior? Will the tax laws of the US be applied to me despite sending all the money i receive over to my bank account that is outside of the US? Can i even use the Bank of America app/website outside of the US? If anyone can give me any kind of advicer regarding this matter, i would greatly appreciate it.

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