Don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I recently started my POD e-commerce store and seem to be in the phase of denial. I know that I could definitely be doing things much better than I am but there is something that I know I am missing.

I asked for feedback in this subreddit and applied all the advice but I still feel that some crucial elements are lacking.

It's an apparel store that sells the usual hoodies, sweatshirts, etc, and the niche that I went for was clothing that has hidden or subtle references to popular trap/hip-hop culture with images that at first glance look ordinary but once you look into the details transform the meaning behind it.

I know the idea is not unique and has been done numerous times but, I personally believe in the designs and the brand and think that somewhere out there is a suitable market.

Regardless of that, I would love it if I could get any additional feedback and any tips on where I should head in order to optimize my store.



Any and all feedback is highly appreciated and the harsher you can be the more valuable it is to me.

P.S – sorry my English is not the best so there will be some grammatically incorrect sentences

Thank you in advance 🙂

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