Should I go with Dedicated or Cloud Hosting for my Magento store?

I'm currently the ecommerce manager for a very successful retail site, but I have had so many problems with our current host over the last year that I am researching migration options.

My boss, the CMO, has expressed that he is not interested in using a host who runs on a dedicated server. According to him "it's antiquated technology and we should be on a cloud hosting service." Obviously, neither of us are engineers, so I'm trying to understand where he's coming from without – you know – asking him and feeling like I'm dumb for not knowing (I guess).

I have had really great success working with Nexcess in the past at other companies, but their cloud solution isn't able to handle the volume that our site requires. Our current host is really just an AWS dealer with some other bells and whistles.

I'm finding that it's hard to research Dedicated vs Cloud hosting because everything I have seen so far feels like a sales pitch for one or the other.

Can anyone here explain why you would go with a cloud solution over a dedicated box or vice versa?

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