How important is knowing bookkeeping and excel/quick books?

I want to work for e-commerce startups and establishments, as a digital marketing generalist, and a listing designer. I have seen posts on LinkedIn and indeed looking for an e-commerce listings manager/digital marketer, with experience in photography, videography, excel, quick books, html/css, experience with google ads, Facebook ads, sometimes they ask for sales force marketing cloud experience, customer management systems experience, experience bulk listing on eBay/Amazon/Shopify, and writing product descriptions, copy, and basic SEO best practices. They usually ask for experience or, an associates degree in ecomm or marketing.

so I am 30, never went to college and I want this job description. I am sick of digging trenches. I wouldn’t mind owning my own e-commerce stores one day but I am trying to focus on at the very least, becoming proficient enough to be hirable. So I want to know how essential knowing excel and quick books is, and I want to specifically ask if YOU were hiring for the above criteria, as an e-commerce professional or owner, what are you looking for exactly? Do you need someone that can do all of the above but, can also perform your bookkeeping? Do you need someone that knows front end web development? Any advice is appreciated.

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