Risks of shipping to freight forwarders

Now that my online shop is gaining traction, I'm seeing more and more orders with shipping addresses of freight forwarders. I know there are many very logical and non-fraudulent reasons for a customer to use a FF, but it seems like I've heard that FF can also be used in fraud schemes. My orders are always small, around $40, so my risk is low. But in the interest of educating myself, I think I should learn more about them.

I did a google search and it mainly came up with the risks that the FFs themselves face, not the risks of ecommerce stores who ship to them. So I'd like to hear any warnings, bad experiences, good experiences, whatever from anyone here who has worked with them. What are your thoughts?

Also, a question about just how they work. The customers put the address of the FF as the ship to in my store, along with a name. The name doesn't match the name in their bill-to. I'm wondering how the FF knows where to send my package when they receive it. The ship to address never has a unit number or anything like that, just the FF's plain street address.

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