Must have Shopify add ons?

I am doing about $100k a month (fashion) and wanted to take a deep dive and see the apps I may be missing out on. The ones I have now:

  • Reviews – JudgeMe (love!)
  • Order Tracking – Parcel Panel (meh)
  • Stock management – PreOrder Now / Back In Stock & Restock Alerts (just installed but seems to work well)
  • Site Search – SmartSearch & Instant Search (solid)
  • Retail Locations – Store Locator by SecomApp. (mediocre)
  • Instafeed, Wishlist are two small ones we’ve added too.

I’m sure I’m missing some best in class and curious what I’m missing that you guys would recommend for a $100k/mo fashion ecom biz that does virtually all its business in the US

The big one I’m looking for is a good cross sell / Upsell. We have basically three products and a bunch of designs. I am using the Bundles by Gazebo app which works ok, but is confining.

Really what I’d love is for a cross sell that goes cross collection. Just “hey, you bought a shirt, now buy any hat or any kind of pants and you get 15% off both!” and have it recommend the most relevant based on previous site orders. It’s even ok if I self select the most relevant. Most that I see only have 3 or so.

I also want it to only discount those two items not the whole order and I want people to be able to use site wide/first order discount codes at the same time. Most apps I’ve seen don’t let you double up on discounts

Would love to know suggestions of some of your most useful Shopify apps and what you like them

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