Review my store before we launch!

Hello everyone! Stoked to be here.

I've recently partnered up with my buddy to create an ecommerce store (Film Cereal) that sells digital products: SFX Packs, Film Assets for DIY Filmmakers. I'm a filmmaker / graphic designer and my buddy is a sound designer. I also have a bit of a background in digital marketing – but not a ton of experience. I'm not an affiliate marketer although I'm looking to explore maybe by Q4 this year but for now i'm focused on getting Film Cereal off the ground.

Target launch for the website is on April 1, 2021 (getting close!). Currently, we are working on finalizing our product packs and setting up the website and our funnels.

So far, this is the status of the company:

  1. Homepage is done, apart from the Product Pages. We will be designing the product pages when the product packs are finished. ETA for this is 3rd week Mar.
  2. Our chosen ESP is Klaviyo
  3. We're planning to focus on building our email list from scratch during the early stages of marketing

Our marketing plan / sales funnel goes something like this:

  1. Paid traffic to our website using FB Ads / Blog guest posting / Youtube Influencer Marketing
  2. Get people to sign up to our newsletter by offering Free Packs
  3. Setup Email Flows and Campaigns and convert here
  4. Facebook retargetting

Target Market

  1. DIY Filmmakers – Secondary
  2. Youtubers – Primary
  3. Freelancers – Tertiary
  4. Small Agencies
  5. Hobbyists
  6. Indie Filmmakers
  7. Marketers

Link to our Company Pitch Deck:…it?usp=sharing

NOTE: The website is not done yet but I thought of posting it here for feedback as we prepare for the launch. I'll do my best to keep this thread updated so we can all learn from each other. Any input / suggestions would be absolutely amazing!

Would love to hear what you guys think. I have so much respect for the people here and i'm stoked to be a part of this community.

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