The best method for clothing brand advertising?

Hello Reddit. I recently started a clothing brand called (mods pls don't ban me for that I'm not promoting here) It is hosted on Namecheap, using WordPress and woocommerce. I made a post about this previously, and I took some advice. I made the site less boring and put in more designs. In addition to my own work, I also hired a couple of people off fiverr to do designing. I am now in the stage of marketing. I am an ex-affiliate marketer so I know a thing or two. I did some Instagram ads and narrowed my audience down a ton. This returned a few thousand in impressions and traffic to my website, but no sales. I was looking towards TikTok and Snapchat for doing ads in the future but I just wanted to ask if anyone on this sub has any kind of budget ads for my niche? Thanks.

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