When Drop-Shipping from China, does my wholesaler pay the Brexit VAT?

Been trying to understand these new laws. If I make a sale right now to the UK (without charging any tax) will their order never arrive or the transaction not even go through?

My business is not yet registered, I am in Canada. Also I don’t have any other chassis set up for other countries I had planned on selling to. My item sale prices are approximately €50-€75, an actual drop shipping item value from my wholesaler is €8-€21. The shipping cost is approximately €15-€20 on each item. I don’t know what the VAT will be charged on or who it will be charged to. Will my wholesaler just charge ME extra on my €8-€21 purchases? Or do I need to charge it on my full price.

I am just a small business so I will make less than €85,000 in sales per year. I saw this number, also saw something about €135? I’m just quite confused with all of this, especially since I drop-ship. Thank you for any help or advice.

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