Does Anyone know average kitting / fulfillment rates?

I apologize this might be a tad off topic.. but I am trying to find average kitting / fulfillment rates to give to a friend who is trying to start a warehouse.

I have two different businesses that I wanted a quote for. If there is anyone out there who might know the going rates for this stuff, I'd love to hear your input.

Thanks so much

Business #1 – Supplement Business:

This business requires placing a supplement bottle into a polybag. A shipping label is then to be placed on the bag. The orders would also sometimes require 1-4 additional small items placed into the bag.

What would the price be for this?

We sell about 10-80 orders per day

Business #2: a weight loss product:

This product requires a 10 x 9 x 4 uline box to be assembled. Inside the box, you must kit 5-7 items along with some air pillows. The box then needs our exterior sleeve placed over it.

The items must be then placed into larger boxes and sent into Amazon.

We sell about 100-150 units per day.

Does anyone know what the average kitting fees would be on this stuff?

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