How do you deal with disrespectful never unsatisfied customers?

I work in cs for an e-business.

I deal with disrespectful angry emails always, without having the slight reason to be mad.

Now I got this dude or chick who used the product for 2 seconds (requires time to give effect like many in the field) got it as described.

They bombarded me with emails, saying it was a rip off, oh yeah ok they'll wait for a result (never had a complain about the results from other customers, because they freaking waited).

Used the product already and threatening to issue a claim on paypal, the product got there a biiiit damaged ( I swear it's usps's fault) and now m getting chewed.

Asking for a refund when they already used it being a bit damaged! (Usually when someone gets it that way we replace them but they dont use it in the first place).

It feels like this customer never had the intention to buy but to make business owners go through shit only in the first place. And ofc no respect whatsoever.

So please how do I deal with them?

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