Hi guys!!

I too, have an e-commerce store online and I have this problem managing my inventory from different platforms. So I have thought of the idea wherein you can manage your inventory from different e-commerce platform (Amazon, ebay, own store, etc) into one. A real time inventory would give you update for you inventory. You don't have to go to different platform to manage your inventory in that particular platform only.

Once a sale is done in one platform (like Amazon), it'll automatically update your inventory in other platforms(ebay, own store) too.

And If you only are selling in one platform because you worry about managing inventory in other platforms, now you won't have hard time in managing your inventory in other platforms too. Just look at our platform and you'll see the total inventory you have in all platforms your product is sold.

What do you think of the idea guys?

Would be anyone be willing to pay this kind of service to manage their overall inventory?

Thanks for the response!

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