Relevant columns for products CSV file of DIY store.


I am currently building the CSV for the products of a DIY store, and deciding on which columns to put. As I am a data analyst, I know the importance of a consistent and complete product file to help with statistics and automation in the future – especially since the store sells >10000 articles. I am thus looking to have all columns I could possibly need to avoid lacking data in the future and having to go over all articles again to add certain information.

Besides all basic columns (colors, size, delivery category, price, upselling and cross-selling related products, all product details and description, etc…), I am looking to add fancier columns that might have interesting added value. For example, I am thinking of adding the URL of a given product in all our competitor's websites, so that we could automate checks for prices.

Do you have any idea (or resource) to make sure the CSV contains all necessary columns? Can you think or do you know of any specific product data that might be useful for me to add?

Thank you very much!

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