Anyone else tired of customer’s using COVID as an excuse for anything?

seriously, COVID is going to be an excuse for customers literally not being able to do anything for a looong time.

I have customers claiming to have never received their packages months later because of COVID. I also have customers claiming to have not been able to return a device after months because of COVID.

For example, 45 days after a package was marked delivered, a customer tells me he wasn't able to report a lost package because "my entire family came down with COVID, which is why I wasn't able to report it as stolen." Really, dude? You failed to report a $1700 MacBook Pro as stolen after 45 days?

Like wtf? Really? Don't get me wrong, COVID was an issue for us all, but literally, so many of my customers are using it as an excuse. If I was selling socks, no problem, I will refund you ASAP so you can leave and so I can help the next customer.

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