Sync between woocommerce and shopify- not migration.

Currently have a woocommerce website which i also use listing/syncing with ebay using wp-lister plugin.

Issue is the woocommerce maintenance headaches. And we don't have a coder on staff, and not enough sales to hire a dedicated one yet.

The last week I have been trying shopify which has a great ux for users. The issue there is no good ebay lister that integrates with it. i've gone through the whole list, the woocommerce one is significantly better.

I've tried sellbrite but they're not very UK friendly. can't even change currency. I'm currently trialling ecomdash, but the interface is awful but i'm going to keep at it unless i find something better.

Ideally i would just need a sync tool between woocommerce and shopify. Woocommerce i will make private. One that creates listings, syncs stock and syncs orders and shopify will be front facing.

Is there such a thing? Google has led me no where apart from multichannel tools?

Or any other ideas/suggestions?

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