Recommendation needed for Digital product with affiliates, revenue splitting, combined deals

Hi, I'm working on a product that will be releasing soon, and I'm hoping to find a site with the following features (in order of priority)
1. Can handle digital products, up to at least 1gb, preferably up to 3gb

  1. Ability to combine digital products into a bundle deal, or upgrade later to a bundle deal.

  2. As some of these products will be licensed, A way to licensee's to view the revenue totals for only there products, and possibly be paid directly from the platform.

  3. Affiliate marketing though a code or link

I have a Squarespace site with Shopify lite, but I can't find a good way to get limited sales data to licensee's. So if anyone knows a workaround or better platform, I'd love to know. I can code but won't have time to set up a proper website in time, so something relatively turnkey would be nice

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