Competitor claiming that my designs are against their copywrite.

Hey everyone!

I’ve been in business for about two years now. We have been profitable, but not enough to fully rely on the income. We have many sales channels, Etsy being one of them.

On Etsy today, I got a message from my competitors team member saying that my design is against their copywrite and licensing.

I had asked to see the details on their copywrite because my design is a lot different.

To explain this: Their design is a fingerprint that includes books in the Bible to form the fingerprint. They are hand made, in cursive and are posters (wall art)

My design is a thumbprint that includes EVERY book in the Bible to form a thumbprint. My design has a very distinctive font, design and wording that is totally apart from their design. I also sell my design on shirts (apparel).

With this being said, I understand that the designs sound very similar, but visually the designs are obviously different.

My designer used a custom font and formation for my thumbprint. They obviously have a different designer and a custom font for their fingerprint.

With all this being said, what should I do about this? If I don’t see their copywrite details, how can I be sure any of this is against their terms? I can’t simply just take my competitors word for it and remove my product.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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