Etsy has officially kicked me off their platform… what now?

Hello, I’m feeling a little scared and frustrated, because this was a steady source of income for me, and Etsy ripped it away without so much as an explanation. I get it though – it is their website.

On Etsy I sold 3d printed gun parts for one specific weapon, the KelTec CP33. All of the designs were made by me, I bought a 3D printer, started selling, and did so well I had to buy a second printer.

Through Etsy, I made between $2250 and $3250 a month in revenue. Operational expenditures were low – just power, which wasn’t as much as you’d think, filament, about $100 a month, and shipping, $4 per package.

Now that Etsy has kicked me off, I’m considering selling on my own website. This was always the plan for me but I wasn’t anticipating it happening so soon.

I have a website through Wix that simply hosts product descriptions and redirects to my (now 404’d) Etsy page. Do I use Shopify? Magneto? The Wix native selling app? Can I get notifications through my phone? Do I need to get a business license and a FEIN? And a tax ID? Will I notice a significant dip in sales? Probably.

Right now my website is below both my Instagram page and my Etsy shop when you search my name. When you search the product that I sell, you can’t see my website in the results at all. So, my SEO is trash currently.

I’m just feeling aimless and frustrated, does anyone have any similar stories? Or any general advice? I was always planning on doing this to cut down on fees and listing restrictions but now I’ve been forced to, right now. It’s like a baby bird being pushed out of a nest too soon.


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