Landing Page copy consultations (NOT self promo)

First off – this is NOT me fishing for clients. I am just trying to provide some value to business owners which in turn can help me figure some stuff out. I won't be DMing you harassing you to hire me lol. This is entirely free and no strings attached.

Basically – if you have a copy-heavy single-product landing page, I'm offering to do a free quick copy consultation (it'll be a screen recording with my voice over and all links will be posted publicly here and not via DM as per the sub rules – but also so others can learn from watching them too).

Why would you want that from me? I'm an ex-ad agency copywriter (4 or 5 years) who now focuses on Conversion Copy / Direct Response. I've spent the bulk of the last 2 years working for a handful of supplement companies writing long-form sales copy for them and generated over $7.5 million in revenue for my clients in 2020.

Why am I offering this for free? I want to move out of the supplement space and I'm really interested in doing ecom and physical products, and I figure the highest leverage way to use my existing skill set is writing these long-form single-product Landing Pages. Doing these free consultations is a good way for me to get some "live practice" in providing this kind of value for business owners as well as get a better understanding of what my future potential clients needs and wants etc will be.

I'm happy to take a look at any copy that's asking for a sale (an email for example, but not blog posts or other content pieces) or offer copy advice but depending on how popular this is I'll obviously be focusing my time and energy on the single product landing pages. I've done similar posts like this before and gotten into some really interesting conversations – and as I say, my goal is to provide value to you guys, because doing that helps me figure out what my next steps are too.

Win win right?

So if you're interested in having a seasoned copywriter look through your landing page then please drop me a link below and I'll record a quick video for you with my thoughts and some advice on changes or thoughts on things to split test!

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