Research poll I am doing for my PhD!

Please, business owners only please. I will be following up with some of the responses to interview and cite them in my research (this will be published). I love the wantreprenurial spirit of all those who are getting started, but I need some hard data of legitmate answers from business owners.

Anways: I am getting a PhD in behavioral economics currently. I own a consumer behavior advertising firm. We pretty much give business owners the "if you spend a $1 here, You'll make $3 back." insight. Lots of people do this. We do it better. (im disclosing this info because under r/ecommerce rule 4. it says to disclose my affiliation. Yes I do this for a living, its also the topic of my PhD). We recently took a client from literally $0 in revenue, to $110,000 in 2 week and I am working ALL of this information (including this poll) into my PhD dissertation research.

A lot of people cannot build effective campaigns, dont build ad-sets right, and are selling hammers to single moms wanting diapers, if that makes sense. Lots of business owners dont know what they are doing. But the problem I see is a lot of those people who are trash not good at advertising, KNOW they aren't good, and continue to try and do it themselves. For the life of me, and what a part of my behavioral economics thesis is on, is WHY those people KNOW they arent good, and continue to essentially waste money. Most of the time, someone will try and advertise alone, not know what they are doing, and then just switch to a different, less effective advertising methods like "influencer marketing", instead of seeking help.

The poll is this: I want to find the business owners who dont really know how to effectively advertise and scale, and more so, how they decide they need help/ or not.

What is your stance on advertising, from a business owner perspective?

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