Scaling question – how did you finally hit 6 figures? What’s the secret sauce?

So I've been selling on Shopify for 9 months now and I'm feeling a little stuck. Any scaling/growth advice is appreciated. My store averages around $20.5k per month and has been at that level for quite some time. My conversion rate is 3.59% but my sessions are only 100-300 sessions per day. I do Google Shopping ads at $50 per day (can't seem to get them to perform well above that budget), Facebook ads at around $125/day, weekly email campaigns, and some affiliate/influencer marketing. I tried hiring a marketing agency but they almost tanked my business and so I'm back running things on my own again.

My question is what did you all use to scale your store past 5-figures a month and finally reach 6-figures? I have all the systems in place (warehouse, VA, inventory) to scale but apparently not the know-how. What am I missing?

Thank you all in advance. Also happy to answer any questions you might have for me.

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