Does anyone here have a successful ecommerce business and NOT do Amazon FBA?

I have an online Shopify store that I originally set up as part of a plan to sell on Amazon FBA, because having a store gives me more credibility when applying for wholesale accounts (the goal was to sell wholesale FBA for a while and then expand into private labeling after getting some experience with selling on Amazon). Then I kind of pivoted into dropshipping to quickly list products in my store. Now I'm focusing a lot more on the store, building relationships with dropship suppliers and learning how to advertise on Google and Facebook, and I'm just curious if anyone has had success with their online store and does not also sell on Amazon. It's been so hard to find products that have decent profit margins and sell well, that Amazon is not selling and that the supplier is willing to work with me (most of the suppliers I've contacted either won't work with online-only retailers at all, or don't allow selling on third party ecommerce platforms). I'm enjoying learning how to run my online store and I think with the right branding and marketing it could do well all on its own, and am reconsidering how important it is to sell on Amazon. What are your thoughts?

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