Quitting Medicine for eCommerce

Today we are joined by Sujay Kapadia, Founder of Sujay left his job as a doctor to pursue a career in the eCommerce world, and he has been selling on Amazon since 2012. In this episode, we discuss his time on Amazon and how he has seen the online marketplace change over the years.

Listen in as Sujay shares his experience with several agencies he’s used that have been very helpful, as well as how he has been able to scale his professional product images. You will learn what pushed him to completely change his career, why it is important to buy from more than one online seller, and why incentivized reviews are not going anywhere.

You'll learn:

  • What pushed Sujay to pivot from medicine to eCommerce. (5:44)
  • How Amazon has changed over the years. (10:42)
  • Why reviews are no longer trusted online. (14:05)
  • How Sujay got such high-quality images for his products. (20:50)
  • How rendering images works and why it’s better than renting a studio. (24:30)
  • Why Sujay has cut back on hours and how he has managed to do so. (31:45)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of and Sujay Kapadia of

What Was Mentioned

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I am a loyal customer to Amazon, and I started to see a lot of products similar to what I sell on Amazon … so I started thinking, 'why shouldn’t I sell on Amazon?'”- Sujay Kapadia
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“It’s no longer about serving up a wonderful product and a great customer experience—it’s about who can play the game better.”- Sujay Kapadia
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“It’s important to keep a diversified stream of these retailers, and it’s not good for one retailer to have this much power.”- Sujay Kapadia
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