I Need Help With Marketing

Currently I shut down my store to take a break and rethink my marketing strategy. I haven’t made a sale yet. I sell Korean snail mask and Asian food products on my Shopify store.

I don’t have a big marketing budget. At most 5 dollars a day around 150 a month.

I played around with google ads for two days and used maximize conversion. And 1 bid costed me 4 dollars. So I decided to put off that before I wasted all my budget on fruitless bids.

I opened a Instagram for my business. And I seem to have gotten 1,000 views ish viewed before it died down. And using Tiktok I seem to have a problem with it because I get 0 views.

I also started a YouTube channel, for beauty tips to market my business. But last time I checked their wasn’t too many views. For example 4 views.

I am a college student who take a year off to wait out the pandemic. And I wanted to walk out my comfort zone and try out starting a business.

I have no business experience whatsoever. I don’t want to create Instagram and YouTube content if it is pretty fruitless for my business.

Most people on this Reddit seem to run successful e-commerce businesses.

I want to enquire what marketing strategy you guys use to market your e-commerce.

I am looking for a mentor, someone to guide me. To this point I been relying on YouTube videos and internet info. Please let me know if your open to having a mentee.

Thank you!

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