I’m torn about the future of my store: sell it or hire someone to help me?

I started my store in late January and the last month it's blown up with $6k in sales and around 60 orders. I work full time as a senior UX designer and just started this on the side to have a hobby. It's now just taken over and I'm stressed all the time to fulfill orders, replying to support messages and optimizing everything. This is not how I envisioned it, not that I'm not greatfull for it all but it's just causing me so much stress and not the joy I was looking for in a hobby.

I'm now torn between hiring someone that will manage all the practical stuff and selling the whole store. But my fiance brought up a good point: how can I find someone to trust? And will 50/50 profit share be enough? And if I would sell, how would I value the store?

I love doing the creative stuff like finding products, taking photos, creating the branding etc but just not the following up on support, our agents etc. And I intend to keep my day job as I don't want the insecurity of not knowing what I'll be paid the next month (been there, done that)

What would you do in this situation? Have you made this choice before? What was the result? Are you happy today?

Thanks in advance!

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