Shopify Basic v Shopify

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this question.

I'm considering switching from using yahoo for the online portion of our store to shopify, but i'm having trouble deciding which shopify option to choose.

  1. is it worth it for a small shop that ships less than 100 packages on average a month to use the shopify standard plan or is the basic good enough. What is the advantage for a small shop like ours to pay the extra $50?
  2. The POS options are a bit confusing. The lite plan looks like it meets *most* of our needs. But the website is a bit confusing. Is shipping not included in purchases? Is the inventory management accurate and dependable? What is the benefit to paying a whopping 80$ for the pro vs the lite version that's included?
  3. Are you able to have a store pickup option with the lite version?

Thanks for your input!

*Edit- just one more question –

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