[Woocommerce Tax] Do I as a Single State Nexus collect taxes in other states?


I have an e-commerce store with a "warehouse/distribution center" based in NY. I am using WordPress/Woocommerce and specifically WooCommerce Tax to calculate taxes for my orders. I do not have any sort of physical presence, no warehouse or workers outside of New York.

According to this website (, I am considered a single state nexus only to New York.

  1. The website states that single state nexus only collect taxes in their own state. Since I am a single state nexus to New York, does this mean I only collect taxes to my customers in New York? Am I a single state nexus?
  2. I have also noticed that while most (>95%) of my orders do not charge sales tax for customers, a few % of the orders charged through Woocommerce does get charged sales tax even though they are not located in New York. What could be the reason for this?


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