Advice Wanted: Product is selling, but not via Ads

Looking for some constructive feedback here. I have a shop with a main product that sells well when directly presented to my target customers but does not sell at all with online Ads. Need some advice/criticism of my product landing page.

What has worked:

Customers who are seeking this specific product will purchase my product a high percentage of the time. Through online communities, direct messaging, and referrals my product will make a sale 20% of the time. Additionally, I've had multiple repeat customers coming back to order more for family/friends and emailing in positive reviews. I'm pretty happy with the product and know that it is well received.

What is not working:

Trying to scale up business, I've dropped $70 each on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The Google campaign resulted in 50 clicks and the Facebook campaign resulted in 450 clicks. Of those combined $140 spent on 500 clicks, I've had 0 sales and 1 person add to cart but not complete purchase.

Some Ideas:

– Most clicks were from Mobile or Tablet. I know the hamburger-menu doesn't look great on mobile, so navigating the full site isn't the best experience, but the landing page itself looks pretty good, IMO. Buying a new theme is a near-term goal.

– I need action photos of the product being worn. But that alone shouldn't result in 0 sales, right? Are the other photos lacking something?

– Price issue? Competitors charge ~$80-$120 for similar items. I'm going with $75, but maybe that's a problem. Some people may see that as too high for a belt, and others may associate a low price with an inferior product. I landed on $75, but curious what others think.

– Maybe the "belt sizing" is too complicated? Maybe people don't purchase if they have to spend time figuring that out.

– Description page too long? Maybe it needs a bulleted list of features instead of text blocks?

– Or maybe the site is fine but my Ad Campaigns are not targeted correctly.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or flaws you can point out!

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