Feedback for a high-quality bed sheet brand

Hi r/eCommerce friends,

I’d like your feedback on this idea I have: – a (Dutch) high quality bed sheet brand.

The name in the URL is Dutch for “Luxury Sheets” – I’m honestly surprised the domain was still free. I’ve gone ahead and purchased the domain, and the idea is to create a Shopify store.

You can get sheets in a lot of places, but I think there is room enough to improve. I think I can do this by focusing on high quality for a good price due to the online direct-to-consumer aspect – no middlemen, no storefronts – and also good customer service with good return policy. Especially when you build a nicely designed and optimized ecommerce website and brand around it with good marketing, I think there is a really good opportunity to succeed.

I’d also like to focus on 1-5 different products, instead of flooding your online store with hundred types of sheets that a lot of stores seem to do. Limited and minimal selection adds to the high-quality aspect. I want to start with sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.

Here are my USPs summed up:

  • High quality product

  • The brand around the product. This is important because you can get sheets in a lot of places. Good storytelling will make my brand/product ‘unique’. This can be achieved by an About page where I explain why I felt the need to create this product, the technique with which the products are produced, and more about the machinery and production process that is used for example.

  • Good price due to the online direct-to-consumer aspect – no middlemen, no physical stores

  • Good customer service with same day shipping and good return policy

  • Limited and minimal product selection and no discounts/sales adds to the high-quality aspect.

  • Later it is possible to expand to towels, bathrobes, etc.

  • Due to Corona online shopping has grown enormously and people are more at home, which means they buy more things for in their home (like sheets)

So basically, make luxury bedding accessible to the masses. The stuff you sleep in when you stay in a nice hotel.

For context: I don’t have any prior experience in entrepreneurship so this would be my first endeavor. I’m very determined to give this a solid go though.

Looking for feedback and tips. Some things that came to mind:

  • naming: Luxe Lakens is quite generic. What do you guys think about this? Is it better to create a ‘real’ brandname?

  • best way to secure a factory that is willing to do a small sample order?

  • Marketing: what would work best for such a product? Google Ads? Facebook? Insta?

  • How to accurately track whether or not your marketing works? Numbers like “this is how much we spent” and “this is how much we made” seems too high-level to make solid conclusions. – Is Google Analytics the way to go or is that way too advanced for the starting stage?

  • When starting a business, I’d like to have good systems and software in place from the get-go to effectively scale up. So, recommendations when it comes to systems and certain software are deeply appreciated (e.g., software for shipping, software for keeping track of expenses and sales, software to print labels, etc.)

  • I don’t want to be the face of my brand. Is it possible to have someone as a brand ambassador on the About Us page?

  • How to go about customer service? I.e., answering e-mails from customers. Is this something you would outsource, or keep control over in the beginning by doing it yourself?

Sorry if my questions are all over the place. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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