Square Online Store Variations: Any way to pull from the same inventory?

Ive run into an annoying issue where I want to sell items, but each item has a variation, and those variations all pull from the same stock that I have.

So say I have 10 carrots, and I have 3 variations, 1 to buy it whole, 1 to have it cut in half long ways, and 1 cut in half short ways. I still have 10 carrots, but I need each variation to pull and lower the stock count when someone purchases one. Currently I have to set my count to 10 for each in case someone wants all 10 at once, but Square thinks I have 10 of each, when I dont. I havent found a way to do it yet so Ive had to resort to setting the total amount I have for each variation and then modify the stock after someone purchases something, otherwise in essence Id have 2-X times as many in stock in the online store than I actually have.

Is there any way to do this or am I just out of luck?

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