Very weird day… (store traffic & Facebook ads)

Hey guys, I just looked at my stats and I am seeing something really weird, I’m wondering if anyone has any guesses or suggestions at least how I can understand this.

So I’m running Facebook ads to my store, only to US and Canada. It’s almost the end of the day for me (Europe). As I look at my stats there is a giant spike in traffic between 4pm and 5pm. Just to give you an idea of how big it is. Hourly visitors around the spike range from 5 to 20. Hours 4 and 5 had hourly visitors of 650 and 750.

Then I look at traffic source countries. And I got 924 visitors from Ireland. Wtf? Ireland?

I checked and I didn’t get a single sale from Ireland.

So what is this traffic?

Any ideas?

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