Is creating a Ecommerce store actually worth it now’ days?

I'm currently a young individual from Australia that wants to start making a little more cash on the side using Ecommerce during my down times.

For context: I work night shifts for about 5 hours a night at minimum pay, usually around 6 p.m – 11 p.m which leaves me around 8 hours a day left completely to my own devices, I feel as if I'm wasting my free time by not doing anything productive during my days where I'm free, after all that's almost 56 hours a week gone with absolutely nothing to show for it.

It's a horrible feeling knowing you're wasting what could be valuable and productive time and I want to alleviate that feeling by doing something with my self that I can be proud of.

I'm currently making about $300 – $400 weekly through my night job, which I'm sure some of you know can be hard to live off of, and extra money would help.

I've got a couple of questions regarding selling products online that would help me form an educated decision on what I should do, please keep in mind I'm very new to this.

  1. What is the best strategy to sell products online, things like Drop shipping or selling my own product designs? (I'm sure there are other methods and I would love to hear about them and their effectiveness.)
  2. Is it worth my time, effort and money to attempt an online store as it seems the market is over saturated with Drop shipping and things like that.
  3. Is it possible to earn a few hundred dollars a week selling products online in the position I'm in?

I understand and have done enough research on this topic to understand that it is not on overnight "rags to riches" method of earning money, however if done right it can be a pretty good source of income.

I also am not expecting to start earning $1000's of dollars a week after I create an online store, however could I consider the possibility of eventually earning a few hundred dollars a week by selling things online?

Thanks for guidance and responses, I appreciate it.

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