Money is oxygen for your business

I will be very simple, if you are not making money then you don't have a real business, it sounds simple but think about it, lot of people spend countless hours designing a virtual store, or taking photos for advertisment, but if we take a look at the numbers, there is no cash flow.

Now, that is a problem, because if you ignore this, you will never improve from whatever that is stucking your business.

The harsh truth is that if you are not making money you will need the money from somewhere else, some people get investment from banks or private investors (or even friends), but if you are new then you may just get a job that gives you the money needed for the everyday.

It took me three years in my business to understand this, don't lie to yourself.

Make it simple, don't do something fancy now, do whatever is needed to make the cash flow.

Best wishes

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