Added a monthly/bi-weekly subscription option – feedback requested

I just added a monthly or bi-weekly subscription option to my consumable products (not on t-shirts, for instance). Honestly, I've worked at it for so long, I'm not sure if it's doing all it's supposed to or not. I'd love for some folks to look through it with fresh eyes, as a potential customer would.

  • Is it unclear or confusing in any way?
  • Does it seem trustworthy? If not, what key trust markers do you feel are missing?
  • I did have the delivery times detailed in the product descriptions, but removed them after feedback that it made the descriptions too lengthy/overwhelming. That info now lives in the Shipping policies, linked in the footer. Should that information be more apparent?
  • Is there anything that doesn't work (bad links, etc.)?
  • As a potential customer, is there anything that would make you choose one of the subscription options (or not) over a one-time purchase?

Thank you all so much for any feedback you can provide. I really appreciate it.

Here's my shop link.

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