Hoping to launch sometime in the next few months, looking for any feedback on site!

Goooood morning my fellow ecomm nuts,

Really appreciate the fact that I'm even able to have my site be given feedback/critique prior to launching.

Without wasting anyone's time, the site is

It will operate as an eComm furniture and decor retailer to the Canadian/US market under the dropship model.

I'm currently speaking with about a dozen manufacturers/suppliers and plan to have a majority of my focus leaned towards decor as it's a bit more affordable, while also keeping the higher ticket items on my site available, such as coffee tables and sofas.

I plan to duplicate the 'Living Room' and 'Sectional Sofa' into other categories such as Home Office, Sale pages, etc, and I'm keeping them the way it is for now and wanted to see if there were tweaks to be made before I have to go through them individually (fun in the sun time).

As mentioned earlier, I'd love any feedback you guys can provide, whether it be from layout or copywriting, really anything is helpful.

Also input about ur thoughts on the furniture industry as a whole would be highly valued. I understand it's hard to market, which is why I plan to focus all I can on the decor part, again, and keep the higher ticket items available.

Thanks again.

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