How to make money with Merch by Amazon (Print on Demand business model on Amazon)

What's up entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Merch by Amazon is essentially print on demand through the massive marketplace that Amazon has. I spoke to RJ Martinez on how he was able to make 6-figures with Merch by Amazon

and thought it would be neat to share insights on what it takes to make money through this model.

The secret was to combine two niches and create a t-shirt design that will make someone want to make an impulse purchase.

An example of two niches are:

  1. Anime
  2. South American Soccer

With these two niches, one can create a T-shirt that plays a role in these two niches with funny/cool text. The idea is to have a fan of anime + south american soccer light up when they see it and make an impulse purchase.

Because your design is so unique in two niches, it would be hard for a design like that to be in the marketplace until someone copies you!

If you would like to get some more insights on this business model, listen to this podcast episode!

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