FB/IG ads, going into “limited learning”


I have a site where I sell flower related stuff. Facebook ads went great when i first started with 20$/day in budget. It went active, and made alot of return.

I then decided to increase the budget, so i set it to 40$. It then went in to "limited learning" and was not generating alot of customers.

So then i tried to make one campaign with two different adsets, that each got three ads in them. The text and images on theese are different, to test what worked best. And yesterday they where preforming very well. But today it went in to "limited learning" and have only generated one sale today.

Anyone here got any tips to what I should try next? I cant seem to figure out what is wrong, tried to ask facebook (online chat), and they just said i should raise the budget. Is that the best way to go ahead?

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