Payment gateway for a seasoned developer?…

I don't have experience on payment gateways but sure I know programming very extensively.

The whole mechanism is based on efficiency, this means I seek for the most efficient solution, while technically crypto would be great for a "default", since it's the most efficient, none is going to be happy with that for obvious reasons.

I've gotten around stripe but I find it to have too much around I don't need, it tries to be very simple which I truly don't care since stripe is doubling on a lot of infraestructure my internal system already has, and for all those features the non-refundable fees come, this is true for many payment processors; and that's fine, but I am incredibly flexible for my default and I truly only care of processing dollars, euros, rubles, CAD, Swedish Krona, and such…. even when I support over 150 currencies internally, mostly looking at Europe and North America.

So I was wondering if there was some small player I am ignoring, because my whole stack was implemented with obscure players that had just what I needed and nothing else.

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