Starting an Automotive Performance Parts Online Shop – Help needed

Hey r/ecommerce,

I've had this idea of starting an Online Shop for a pretty long time now and I'm finally trying to get into it. I'm looking to get into this because it's really a niche and a thing that I'd do for free just because I love being around cars, I love driving cars, I love building cars and so on. I've been trying to do a lot of research on this topic but I couldn't find much exactly on this topic.

I'm trying to find out from some fellow E-Commerce guys how they started, how'd you been able to get enough capital in order to keep a big enough inventory so you can run your shop? I was looking into dropshipping as well but I really think that it would be impossible to do it in this niche.

The idea of the shop is mainly focused on Europe and a lot of the parts are being imported from the US or different places and it would really not be reliable to only order one part at a time and so on. I've got a lot of skills that could help me develop and advertise this shop, I'm just struggling a bit on the business and inventory/capital side.

I'd like to hear your advice & any constructive criticism to help better formulate my plan. Any suggestions or things to look into are greatly appreciated.

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