Facebook shop immediately rejects all items from store due to “advertising violation” even though I’m not trying to use ads

Hello, I've been googling this for hours to no avail. My wife and I are trying to setup a facebook shop. Every item we add to our store immediately gets flagged with an error pertaining to Dynamic ads: "x items with x variants were rejected because they don't comply with our [Advertising] policies."

Per Facebook's policy:

If an item in your catalog doesn’t comply with our Advertising Policies, you can’t use it in Facebook ads. If an item doesn't comply with our Commerce Policies, you can’t sell it on Facebook or Instagram.

This would all seem to imply that the items simply won't display as dynamic ads, which is fine because we don't even want to use dynamic ads, or advertisement at all. However, the items will not show in our shop either, even though they are not flagged with any commerce violations.

How do we rectify this? I understand we can ask for a review of the items, but I have no idea why they wouldn't already comply with the advertising policy, and again, we aren't interested in advertising through Facebook in the first place. Is there a way to just disable dynamic ads?

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